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A Final Thought…

Thank you to everyone who followed me on my Smile 366 journey. I have been thinking about how to wrap up this project, but I realize that the project speaks for itself. 2012 was one of the most positive years of my life. It wasn’t about what happened to me, but rather how I reacted to all that happened. Keeping a positive frame of mind shaped me and those around me. 

As you beging your 2013, I challenge you to find something positive in every day. You might be surprised what you will find!

Happy New Year! Happy New You!

Day 366: December 31st

Tonight our crew went out to Culture Club to ring in the New Year! We have had such a wonderful time with everyone in town over the last several days, and our New Years Eve(ning) together was the perfect ending to our visit. Culture Club was one of the coolest 80s clubs I have been to, and the VIP pass was totally worth it. There were a lot of snacks, and the open bar was stocked with all kinds of goodies! We rang in the New Year with style, and I am excited to see what 2013 has in store for me!

Other positive moments:

- This morning we went to the 9/11 Memorial. It was still just as stunning a second time around as my first visit a few weeks ago, and I am really looking forward to the museum being completed so I can learn even more about everything. 

- After the memorial we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. While I was a little disappointed that our lock was nowhere to be found, it still reminded me of how much fun that tradition is, and how I look forward to returning there every anniversary to add another lock. :) Also, Kristen and I had a super fun time photo bombing people’s pictures and taking jumping pictures!

- We bought Phase 10 and played it together this afternoon. It’s one of my favorite card games and I am so glad to finally own a copy of it.

- We ate pizza, home made guac, and watched RuPaul’s drag race tonight before going out. It was everything a final night of the year should be!

- Tonight, about 2 minutes before midnight (although I was completely unaware of the time) Mike texted to see where I was (Kristen and I got held up at the bar). Before I knew it he tapped my shoulder and I realized we had about 50 seconds before midnight. I was soooo glad he found me and we were together for our New Year’s kiss! It was a romantic moment right out of the movies, and I love him so much for making sure to find me since I clearly was not paying attention to the time. Best Husband Ever. Best final positive moment of 2012.

Day 365: December 30th

Today was our last day as a complete bear family (and Anna got to come see the show!). Maren (sister bear) and Annie (grams bear) are leaving us for new opportunities, and we are going to miss them so very much. It was a wonderful 41 shows together!

Other positive moments:

- After our show, Mike, Blair, Kristen, Jeff, and Haley met up with Jeremy, Megan, Annie, Anna, and I for brunch at Mother Burger. It was, as always, the most amazing brunch ever. I had my favorite brunch drink - the pink flower!

- After brunch, we went to the invited dress rehearsal of the “Hair” tour. It was absolutely amazing. It was so wonderful to see the final product after working with the cast and crew for 3 weeks. I don’t know the last time I cried that hard at a live show, but I was bawling by the end. I couldn’t be prouder of everyone’s growth over the last month, and I wish them all well on their journey on the road!

- We came home tonight and had pizza while we played more Apples to Apples (and watched Rupaul’s Drag Race). We had a lot of fun playing (and watching the show).

- We also watched the Redskin’s game tonight and it was great to see them win! :)

Day 364: December 29th

Tonight we all went out to Planet Fitness for Karaoke! It was an incredibly fun night, and everyone (except Kristen - BOOOOO) sang something. Anna and I had a blast having a cousins duet of “Super Bass” and “Tik Tok.” It was so much fun being silly with karaoke and not giving a crap about how it sounded.

Other positive moments:

- After my show I met up with Kristen, Jeff, Haley, and Blair and we had lunch at a Thai place. Then we met up with Anna and had Bouchon again. Deliciousness all around!

- After lunch we went to Crocodile Lounge for Happy Hour. It was the shadiest/most delightful place I have been to in NYC and I look forward to returning there soon!

- After happy hour we went to S’Mac for a delicious dinner. It was amazing. I had the cajun again and it has become my absolute favorite dish there!

Day 363: December 28th

This morning Blair, Kristen, and Jeff came to see Bears! It was so great to have them come see the show, and I only giggled a few times seeing them in their bear ears during the show. 

Other positive moments:

- After Bears we went to lunch at Good Burger and went to Bouchon Bakery for a treat! Then we headed down to Macy’s to be super touristy! 

- My dear cousin Anna came to NYC yesterday, but I didn’t get to see her until today. We met up with her outside of Macy’s and then I got to lug her suitcase around NYC for a few hours! :)

- Blair, Kristen, Jeff, Haley, Anna, and I met Mike for dinner at Brother Jimmy’s BBQ for a good ole fashioned southern dinner. The food was great, and the company was greater. 

- After dinner we came back to Brooklyn and opened our brand new box of Apples to Apples. We had a really fun time playing it, and then Haley introduced us to a new game “Things”. All in all, two nights in a row of board games was a success!

Day 362: December 27th

Today our friends from NC came for their NYC/NYE visit! WE ARE SO EXCITED to have them here, and are looking forward to all of our adventures together!

Other positive moments:

- This morning I had yet another great 5.12 mile run before our show!

- Tonight we had delicious beer and pizza at our apartment. We also had a board game night where we played Sequence and Mad Gab. Soooo happy to have everyone here!

Day 361: December 26th

Today was my last day working with Hair. I have so much enjoyed my time over the last three weeks working on the “other side of the stage” and have so many wonderful memories (and new skills) to walk away with!

Other positive moments:

- I had another great 5.12 mile run this morning while watching SMASH.

Day 360: December 25th

Today Mike, Haley, and I went to see Les Mis! It was one of the greatest movie experiences of my life. I really enjoyed MOST of the cast, and thought the raw emotion and acting being a priority over beautiful singing was brilliant.

Other positive moments:

- Tonight I got to Skype with my whole family! It’s the first Christmas I have ever been away from them, but seeing them on Skype made it feel like I was there!

Day 359: December 24th

Tonight Mike, Haley, and I went to dinner at Brother Jimmy’s BBQ and then met up with Johnathon at SPLASH for musical Mondays. We all had a really fun night together and they played some great numbers as always!

Other positive moments:

- This morning I spent several hours thoroughly cleaning our apartment for the first time in a month. I have been so busy with Hair that I haven’t had time to keep my weekly schedule. It felt so incredible to clean clean clean!

- Haley and I went to the gym together and I ran for 6.75 miles while watching SMASH. My run felt incredible, and since I finished the episode before the run finished, I watched “Let’s Be Bad” on a loop for 15 minutes! It’s my favorite number ever!

- Haley and I ran errands and I finally found $20 waterproof boots for the rain/snow projected for the rest of the winter! I’m so excited to have replacement boots.

Day 358: December 23rdToday my dearest friend Marah came to see Bears! We got to have lunch together after and it was so wonderful to see her and catch up. I have missed her sooooo much this fall and look forward to living in the same city again one of these days (and being in another show!!)Other positive moments:- This morning I went to the gym before Bears and had a great 3 mile run! I watched more SMASH and it was amazing.
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Day 358: December 23rd

Today my dearest friend Marah came to see Bears! We got to have lunch together after and it was so wonderful to see her and catch up. I have missed her sooooo much this fall and look forward to living in the same city again one of these days (and being in another show!!)

Other positive moments:

- This morning I went to the gym before Bears and had a great 3 mile run! I watched more SMASH and it was amazing.

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